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Greenpoint Capital knows ingredients inside and out. Our extensive food and beverage ingredient portfolio is just one measure of our commitment to provide you with the best possible solutions for consumer-winning applications.

We help many of the leading foodservice companies thrive by collaborating to develop new products, build better supply chains, manage risk and elevate quality of life for their consumers.

Our products are designed to maximize menu flexibility and craveability while minimizing back of house operations.

From our industry-leading proteins and oils to chocolate, sweeteners, salt, and even plant-based items, you can count on Cargill to deliver agility and versatility to your operation.




Oils Greenpoint Capital brings you industry-leading oil solutions across a wide range of applications, including food, feed and industrial options. Find out how our high quality oils and integrated supply chain can help take your business to the next level.


The most common sugar is sucrose, a crystalline tabletop and industrial sweetener used in foods and beverages. The first cultivated sugar crop was sugarcane, developed from wild varieties in the East Indies probably New Guinea.


salttable salt with small amounts of iodine added, usually as potassium iodide, to ensure against dietary deficiency of iodine. Where iodized salt is used, particularly in Switzerland and the United Statesendemic goitre has disappeared.



 soja bean or soya beanannual legume of the pea family (Fabaceae) and its edible seed. The soybean is economically the most important bean in the world, providing vegetable protein for millions of people and ingredients for hundreds of chemical products.



Butter is one of the most highly concentrated forms of fluid milk. Twenty litres of whole milk are needed to produce one kilogram of butter. This process leaves approximately 18 litres of skim milk and buttermilk. Butter is a high-energy food, containing approximately 715 calories per 100 grams.

Orange Juice

The spread of orange-juice drinking, in contrast with eating of the fresh fruit, significantly increased the per capita consumption of oranges. Also important was the growing appreciation of the dietary value of citrus fruits; oranges are rich in vitamin C and also provide some vitamin A. 


Meat is valued as a complete protein food containing all the amino acids necessary for the human body. The fat of meat, which varies widely with the species, quality, and cut, is a valuable source of energy and also influences the flavour, juiciness, and tenderness of the lean. Parts such as livers, kidneys, hearts, and other portions are excellent sources of vitamins and of essential minerals, easily assimilated by the human system.


Eggs are often called a “nutrient-dense” food. But what does that mean? To put it simply, they’re chock full of the good stuff yet low in calories: one egg contains 13 essential vitamins and nutrients for just 70 calories. It’s no surprise that some consider the egg to be one of nature’s perfect foods.

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